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Injection Molding is a very complex process with a wide range of materials with varying behaviors, based on polymer types, fillers, shear rates, changing conditions, and many other factors. Other sources of variation:
Process cooling variations which are very common and generally not well monitored can cause a constantly changing process.
Original part design, mold design and mold fabrication often ’build in’ imbalanced flow, uneven cooling, and challenging flow patterns.
Technical Molding is the discipline of utilizing a scientifically based and structured approach to minimize the effects of all of the factors that can push a process out of control. Technical Molding strives to produce the most consistent process possible.
The best process comes from a skilled molder and reliable equipment. The most skilled molders understand and utilize Technical Molding principles.
Precepts of Technical Molding:
Understand the process from perspective of the flowing molten plastic.
Control or at least understand as much as possible all the factors which can negatively affect the polymer or limit the process window.
  Product design
  Mold design and build specifications
  Machine condition
  Process Development method
  Operator tasks
If you do not have control of the product or mold design, it is even more critical to use technically sound methods to develop the most consistent process possible.

Technical Molding principles as practiced by PPD Tech recognize the structured process development steps commonly called Scientific Molding. We teach the fundamental physics behind the principles and adapt them to the realities of the shop floor. On-site. Hands-on.

After decades and hundreds of new mold start-ups on dozens of machine types it is clear that one menu does not fit all molding processes, but the structured approach as promoted by pioneers such as John Bozelli and Rod Groleau, is a great place to start and should be part of every molder’s tool bag.

PPD Tech provides hands on guidance for technically sound process development including complete IQ/OQ/PQ packages.


It is PPD Tech’s view that instrumentation is not typically required or advised, but in some cases can provide a very powerful development tool.

If Process Monitoring is used it is PPD Tech’s position that the simpler the better.

PPD Tech provides low cost custom Melt Tracker ejector pin Thermocouple sensors (J,K or E) for any size pin which can be used with any common data acquisition system.
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