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Melt Tracker™
The core principles behind Melt Tracker™: 
  The best process comes from a skilled molder and a reliable molding machine.
  The thermal condition of the melt and actual cavity fill times are the best indicators of a consistent process.
The objective of Melt Tracker™
  Provide a low cost, easy to use sensor and data acquisition system.
  Deliver an effective Process Window that defines and validates a quality process.

Melt Tracker™ can be run on a laptop for process development work or can be used for permanent process monitoring /validation. All process data is displayed real time, can be ‘replayed’ and is easily exported to excel or other tools for record keeping or analysis.

Process Development steps, using Melt Tracker™
  Ejector pin swapped out with KO pin/sensor(s) near end of fill.
  Molder develops process.
  When steady and producing quality parts, Melt Tracker tm is started.
  Melt Tracker tm develops Process Windows based on Peak Temp and Time to Peak Temp.
  Parts are examined for whatever criteria are determined to be important.
  Adjustments are made, if necessary.
  Process is repeated, as necessary.   Process Windows adjusted and optimized with each step.
  Production starts with defined Process Windows.
  Alarm/digital outputs issued if parameters are outside Process Window.
  Molder makes changes as necessary.
Melt Tracker™ gives the molder a virtual window to the cavity, capturing the melt condition (Peak Melt Temp) and the actual fill times (Time to Peak Temp) in milliseconds. This information provides a simple finger-print of the process where it is most meaningful - in the cavity. Any changes to melt viscosity, pressure, heaters, cooling or flow restrictions are immediately detected.
Melt Tracker’s process windows shown for 4 cavity mold; Peak Melt Temp and Time to Peak Temp, at end of fill. In this case, the zero time point came from ‘Start of Injection’. Points are color coded to show sequence of shots; all data is saved and time stamped

Melt Tracker™ can be used as a simple ‘short shot’ detector or as a process development tool. Long term process monitoring /validation are also easily implemented, if needed.

For detailed description of suggested process development steps for a particular situation, using Melt Tracker as one of your tools, please contact us.

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